Ski Week

The District 2240 ski week is known as the best week you will have while on Exchange in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You get to see all your friends in the neighboring country for the first time since the first orientation in September. Getting to the city where Ski Week was being held … Continue reading Ski Week

Winter Orientation

Our Winter Orientation was in Třebíč. It was about a 5 hour train ride from Pilsen. Juliana(Colombia) and I left Pilsen together and met up with some other inbounds on the way. On the train Juliana and I ate cake that was left over from our birthday. The cake was super good and my host … Continue reading Winter Orientation

Month 2

Words can't describe how amazing and crazy this month has been, but pictures can! My amazing month started out with some cake with Juliana! - Můj úžasný měsíc začal s nějakým dortem s Julianou! I went to Germany with Juliana, Natalie, and Dakota! - Šla jsem do Německa s Julianou, Natalií a Dakotou! German food … Continue reading Month 2


This past weekend I went to Großer Arber for a RYLA event. RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. We spent the whole weekend in a cabin at the top of the mountain. The RYLA was about... Etika a morálka státu, společnosti a ekonomiky v době umělé inteligence a modifikace DNAEthics and morality of the … Continue reading RYLA